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Jackie Commissar and Natalie Jaque

The creators of ‘My Friend Foo’ are passionate about inviting children into the world of imagination, so that they can learn about many ways of staying safe and well, with the help of this little purple character with his rainbow spikes which will fight off bad things including germs.
Jackie Commissar and Natalie Jaque came together when the charity ‘You Donate We Deliver’ was formed in March 2020, to help support front line workers and the NHS during the lockdown. Proudly receiving a ‘Points of Light’ award from Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister for the team’s efforts, Jackie wanted to continue helping children to keep safe and well during this unprecedented time.

Jackie was particularly concerned that her grandson, who suffered from OCD, and continually washed and sanitised his hands, was suffering cracked and raw skin, which was often bleeding, a result of the alcohol & harsh chemicals in the sanitising products he was using constantly, during the pandemic. Setting out on a mission, Jackie spent months researching suppliers who could produce an effective and safe sanitiser without alcohol

Realising Natalie’s special art talents, Jackie commissioned her to help re-create ‘Foo’, a character that was drawn by Jackie’s father on a napkin when she was a child, and which she had continued to draw for her children and grandchildren. She wanted it to be an enjoyable and fun experience for children to use a sanitiser, so it had to be a foaming liquid that would not sting, especially if the child was suffering from eczema, or any chronic skin conditions.

Before long the 2 women became an amazing duo living in the magical, whimsical, and imaginary world of ‘Foo’, both excited to make this character a friend to every child. ‘Foo’ will look out for you, they decided, and to start with they would offer the sanitiser which would help to keep all the children safe from germs. They could even suck their thumbs with the sanitiser on their skin as it was so safe!
So now… watch this space as the journey begins and Jackie & Natalie keep all the children entertained with all their ideas using ‘Foo’s’ magical powers. Who knows what will be next…..perhaps a book or two!!!
Love from

The ‘Foo’ Family

Jackie & Natalie